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Current Production Times are Located at the Bottom Of the Page.  This is Business days and does not include Holidays or Weekends.  These Production times are average times.  Orders can be shipped before these times and occasionally depending on how busy we are, orders may take a few days longer.   We are currently running 3 shifts, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to keep up with the demand for our shirts.  We are producing an average of 550 shirts a day.

We make every product to order.  We make every shirt in our Shop located in Gibsonton, FL and our New Shop in Dallas, TX.  We take pride in making each and every shirt you order.  We have a very strict Quality control program.  If your order does not meet our standards it will be placed back into a status at the front of the line.

Waiting on Shirt Status – This means that your blank shirt is on route to our shop.  We receive 2 Stock Shipments a week.

Picked Status – This means that your blank shirts have been pulled and they are in line to be pressed.

Complete Status – This means your order has been printed and packaged and is currently waiting on drop off at the post office.

Best way to contact us is by email at MESSAGE@SALTDEVILS.COM  –  Please allow up to 72hrs for a reply as we get 100’s of emails a day.